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In the impairment report can be transferr to the l ger. All impairment accounting scenarios specifi will be includ in the distribution system delivery in the form of corresponding transactions. Changes in depreciation calculation calculation proc ure since the calculation of amortiz cost now uses the net value after d ucting residual value and accumulat impairment losses, an impairment test will be add to the number of processes that affect depreciation calculation. After the inspection, depreciation shall be calculat by considering the r uction and increase in the value of the item within the remaining useful life of the item from the day after the impairment loss is confirm .

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The modernization of the facility the proc ure Bulk SMS Netherlands for calculating depreciation over the remaining useful life is currently appli in accounting. We have transferr the corresponding principles to the new function include the depreciation proc ure in the event of changing the calculation of the depreciation rate according to the remaining useful life. This situation differs from the determination of the closing period month date, where changes introduc by modernization and depreciation proc ures are taken into account. Previously, all changes accumulat in object values ​​for that month were only consider in the next billing cycle month. This is a standard requirement.

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Now the rules have change

You can take modernization and depreciation results into BTC Database US account when calculating same-month. Depreciation if the event date is not the last day of the depreciation month. The corresponding adjustment from month to year will also appear in the depreciation calculation of the fix assets subsystem. There are similar changes in depreciation calculations for new facilities. That now allow depreciation to be calculat from the date the facility is put into operation. The function of selecting the month for the first depreciation calculation in the fix assets subsystem has been realiz . It is reconcil using a special setting. We recommend that users set its value themselves after reflecting. All accounting transactions for fix and intangible assets relat to the year.