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Once again the fact that the nature of banks’ activities in financial regulation is now undergoing a fundamental change and formal performance is being replaced by active interest. This situation will require an overhaul of the functionality of. The main thing is that the banks should get this done in time and then they’ll have an up-to-date system for themselves for many years to come. Intergovernmental financial action task force on money laundering. Federal law on legalizing the proceeds of crime against money laundering and terrorist financing.

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Criminal means and financing of terrorism. Regulations France Business Fax List of the bank of Russia no. 1, 2019 on the procedures for notifying authorized institutions of credit institutions to freeze funds or other properties of organizations and individuals who have taken or should take measures to freeze funds or other properties. Regulations of the bank of Russia no. 1, 2019 on the procedure for submitting information to authorized institutions by credit institutions in the event of refusal to conclude an agreement with the customer on depositing a bank account, refusal to execute the order of the customer to complete the transaction and on the initiative of the credit institution to terminate the relationship with the customer’s bank in the case of an account deposit agreement.

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The requirements of the federal financial supervisory BTC Database US service for the electronic submission of information. On customer transactions by credit institutions, customer beneficial owners and information on the flow of funds in customer account deposits. Federal law no. 1, 2009 on amendments to certain legislative acts of the Russian federation on combating illegal financial transactions. The inevitability of chaos. Everyone knows that software of any complexity is not only. A risk that the system will develop over time during operation. The technical upgrade of the system is the transfer to the new track of the upper layer of business logic. Our article is just dedicated to this topic.