Buy on Ebay and sell on Amazon

Buy on Ebay and sell on Amazon.As usual I’m not going to give it to you chewed. You already know that lately I settle for short posts. I was already discussing the way to make money with arbitrations between marketplaces months ago without specifying much. arbitration 2Photo rights from Fotolia Since I like to propose ideas and also put them into action, I share with you the results of the first months. 


Sell ​​on Amazon internationally Buy on Ebay

Buy on Ebay and sell on Amazon.Right now I am selling in executive data Spain, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Mexico (first sale yesterday). Jeff Bezos’ platform already contributes more than a third of Collecting’s turnover. In the fourth month, sales exceeded 3,000 euros (not profits, mind you). My key to success on Amazon is this. What works for me won’t necessarily work the same for you, so don’t take this as a universal recipe that works for everyone. Have many products uploaded to achieve sales with the long tail . 


Buy your product on Ebay sell on Amazon

Typically if I buy for 10 euros I sell BTC Database US for 18-30 euros. In large lots the margin is usually much higher. In my niche I can buy this way. I already mentioned in my post yesterday that the world of collecting still offers many e-commerce opportunities . Arbitrage works because people  people buy for convenience and not so much for price.