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Competitors or algorithms change strategy will be adjusted yes but there is no obligation to perform additional work not disclosed in the contract at zero cost. Indeed this option can help us plan better knowing what resources we need and how much we need from the beginning. However, the customer also wants to know where his money goes at any time. In this case we will almost certainly end up noticing a heightened sense of being watched sometimes having to give more reasons than necessary. Open or variable budget in the case of an open budget though the client must specify.

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Enter a fixed price over time but the payment Bulgaria Mobile Number List percentage will vary depending on how the project is executed. This budget line item can be retained for example to receive additional bonuses in case the initial target is exceeded. Obviously the implications are much greater in this case because we’re the first to be interested in someone who’s been fine from the start. However, there are external factors beyond our control that may hinder the achievement of our goals. In short this option can become too risky if the numbers are not clear. Hourly budget in the first case we have fixed for some operations.

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Set the price whereas in the second case we have BTC Database US the fee bonus. In the third case we have the price per hour of work. This option is also very interesting when working on a consulting project or when. A client requires certain actions that we don’t exactly know how long they might take. This type of contract is usually given a lot in advanced consulting as. The price is usually much higher than in the other two cases. An example of this would be a large company’s consulting training which would be better. Monthly fees or campaign budgets where the client pays an agreed amount in installments to get the job done.