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At the time the agency network was in full swing. It can be consider as the origin of the internet. The internet is a computer network create by the university of California, los angels, to be use as a means of communication and connection between research groups. We all know that the internet was creat to share scientific data and to today’s situation of sharing cats with your grandmother. Let’s go back to the year we were at met if you want to send a message it was host on a central computer and store in a directory when connect to that computer.

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Back then it was like leaving a note on your Dubai Phone Number List partner’s desk. As technology improve and interconnections start this approach became less useful now we to be able to send messages to users who are not using the same central computer. Just like regular mail we an address that the postman can deliver it to. Fast-forward to the age-old Raymond Tomlinson as a programmer and inventor at a company and the latter in turn works for , which sounds familiar, right, and is consider the official father of email. His contribution was to add symbols to separate the recipient’s name from the server and that’s all that’s left.

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This way everyone can use it because the symbol BTC Database US is found on. All keyboards never becomes part of the name or server. There were hundreds of military e-mails due to the popularization of. Arpanet and the work and development of new software by people like. Larry Roberts and john vital it began to be use for more personal matters. Ray Tomlinson’s democratization of email in the s and many young people interest in technology start using it. We can already say that it officially broke away from the scientific and military realms of its origin.