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Follow the emerging novelties in and test them to assess how they will work for you. Displaying logos displaying the sender’s logo helps to stand out in the listing next to the subject of the email this is possible by many e mail providers including onet poczta or interia.  implementing the bimi standard available e.G. In gmail yahoo or recently in the first polish provider I.E. Onet mail. Scheme another way to help your messages stand out in the listing is an additional schema bas html snippet.

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Onet have introduc a dicat label offer with a discount coupon in their inboxes thanks to which they can easily reach the most interesting promotions. Artificial intelligence the use of ai tools facilitates the personalization of e mails allowing you to more effectively collect information about users from many different sources such as a website or mobile application Special Database and create profiles with similar characteristics and then update them efficiently. They are power by static data declarative data and dynamic data regarding website activity such as system events email opening or api events login to the application. Jacek klosinski jacek klosinski he helps small businesses in marketing on klosinski.

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Net attention and time are that will be fought for in marketing in the coming years. Brands produce more and more information but the recipients do not have the skills to digest it. Therefore it is no longer enough to flood the customer with value. The method of delivery also matters. The faster and easier our communication is the better. The customer no longer BTC Database US wants to get a lot. He wants to get exactly what he nes. The winners will be those brands that understand how huge the difference is. Mike korb mike korb coo & co founder at userstill one of the trends in the field of marketing automation is and will be the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to personalize content and marketing activities.

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