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Consumers will also set the pace for the company. Likewise the media and social networks will show the reality and whether these companies are greenwashing or whether we can trust them. Would you like us to help you become a real brand? Contact Us Raul Ortiz Raul Ortiz Control Reach Greenwashing or Marketing Departments Lying About What You Do For The Future Of The Planet It’s been a day. Companies that see a new wave in sustainability and use branding to reach an increasingly demanding public will have to apply something as Roman as Caesar’s Wife and not just should.

Where to find people’s phone numbers

Should and should appear to refer explicitly to the honesty A Complete List Of Unit Phone Numbers of a patriarchal society, a society that specifically demands fidelity from wives to their husbands. Brands today may be sustainable but if they are they must prove it and must prove the truth of the ecological nature claims they make in their products and services. They have to prove this in the only way the European Commission understands through a new certification model called Product Environmental Footprint and which the EU itself has developed. Just like businesses express through the first sustainable development goals set by the United Nations to save our blue planet.

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How to find people’s phone numbers

With the same concern for the future of the planet, the EU BTC Database US analyzed multiple Eco-Natural labels and decided to apply the same strict controls they already have to our traditional health claims. The future of greenwashing I am very concerned that greenwashing will continue to exist maybe small distance or very localized brands but companies that do not abide by the protocols set by the EU if their claims are not true to their attitudes and values ​​in the area of ​​sustainability. We are not talking about petty scares but about sanctions that can put companies on the brink of the abyss. Shortly before summer fuel company Shell.