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We partnered with Samsung in January to create a project to make Samsung products more competitive at the point of sale and ensure they are at the point of sale. Dealer Incentives Dealer Incentives Can you briefly talk about your company, brand and dealerships, the benefits you’ve seen since starting these studies, and what’s changed? As with many big brands, being fast with the competition, being proactive in the competition is fundamental. One of the working principles. The portfolio of opportunities and benefits we can offer dealers and their employees has expanded significantly since we started working with. This way we develop a more loyal one synchronously with the sales data we get from the touch points.

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Dealer employee profiles began to take shape Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List How do you observe a difference in dealership loyalty when you evaluate before and after? I can say that the most fundamental difference is with the dealership’s employees rather than the dealership’s owner. Previously point of sale based loyalty was more focused on dealership owners and now we can manage loyalty programs by bringing sales consultants into the business. How has your communication with dealers developed and changed since then? As a brand, we are taking steps to provide the greatest benefit to all units that communicate and do business with us. The loyalty program is also a tool to strengthen us in this regard.

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Staff at each point of sale have greater BTC Database US brand identity Our commercial relationships have improved Dealers are beginning to see our brand as family. Are the dealers satisfied with the rich product assortment of the rewards points website that is part of the app? Which award do they like best? With feedback there was a knock on our door. Digital gift certificates are the first choice in the product portfolio due to their practicality. For this reason as a brand we strive to offer the highest level of digital gift certificate options.