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It is in turn critical to properly identify competitors their evolution and historical strategies and the execution they have been executing. After all if they have a position and we haven’t we’re going to ne to improve on what they have and steal the traffic and visibility they’ve gain. Whether you hire an agency or a freelancer, the first thing you should do is understand the project, its target resource differential value, and the actual capabilities of the company to execute the project. For example if the project lacks well-train and sufficient personnel we must consider providing additional services for complete execution.

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Conversely, if you have an internal team then the challenge is Switzerland Phone Numbers List to properly align each resource. What to include in an initial brief to position yourself in the initial situation Any project will start off poorly without a fundamental analysis of the initial situation of the project, whether on the web or directly from the business of its niche. This starts over the roof, although analysis is often request or provide at the outset or during engagement with those responsible for errors and successes in certain areas such as network architecture or technology. Obviously both are very relat aspects but not at this point.

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You can come up with a very elaborate strategy of targeting BTC Database US keywords but that doesn’t actually serve the project’s goal of charging more primary though it does show that you’ve manag to improve search results. So a brief must first be creat where the project or its manager clearly defines the project requirements. The first thing to do is to ask the client what he ne s. Sometimes we forget that our main mission is to help our clients meet and get what they really ne , when they ne it. Who they are has to know the company from the inside, understand who they are, why where they are and who we want to work with.

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