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In which channels can you apply content marketing? There are different channels or formats in which you can apply content marketing. Here I share which are the most common and which could be useful to your brand: Social networks . Content marketing is very present in social networks, since it is a channel that allows you to share content with your potential customers. Blogging . Another place where it is very present is in blogs. If you have a corporate blog, you must have a content strategy to create and share content that helps you position yourself in.

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To your website. emails . If you are working Ghana Phone Number List on email marketing, sending newsletters with a specific periodicity, you must work on content marketing to give your subscribers content that they appreciate and prevent them from unsubscribing from your list. Lead magnet . A lead magnet is a document that is “gift” with the aim of capturing a lead, that is, for a user to give you their phone number or their email address. In this case, you must also have a good content strategy to create that lead magnet that your audience wants to download.

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Years and it seems that it is here to stay, since it is a format that is very popular. Therefore, it is important that it is part of your content strategy to increase the authority of your brand and ucate your potential customer. infographics . Infographics are images that visually summarize a concept, so it is something that is BTC Database US closely link to the content and that can accompany your posts to reinforce the message. Interactive content . Interactive content is content that requires the user who is consuming it to perform an action.  calculators, interactive videos or interactive maps.