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Social mia Facebook Ads Lets assume that you have fans on Facebook and a base of e mails in the newsletter. Facebook offers organic reach Your new post will be seen by around fans for free and you dont ne to pay for any tools. The problem is that reaching the level is not a particularly good result of the campaign. If you ne better results and a wider reach you ne to invest some marketing budget in the Facebook ecosystem. Unlike organic posts Facebook ads cost money.

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The typical cost per click under Facebook Ads varies depending on the industry and offer usually oscillates around $ PLN . By sending mail to people you will Audit Directors Auditors Email Lists reach on average of them and get about opens. If you build your database well and keep your data up to date this score can be significantly increas . Of course you ne a ready made address database to carry out the shipment. If you dont have it or its very small youll ne to build an audience list first.

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We collect some tips on how to do this in one of the previous articles . Bet on omnichannel marketing As a result it is best to run social mia campaigns at the early stages of the marketing funnel to familiarize recipients with the brand and encourage them to follow its fanpage. It is good to treat Facebook Ads as a paid source of relatively cheap new traffic clicks which will rirect the recipient e.g. to a page where he can provide an email to down BTC Database US load an e book or get a discount code . The goal is then to obtain data to be able to reach you by e mail with subsequent offers cheaper and more effectively. The response to such messages is higher and the cost of advertising is also eliminat.

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