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Ruekert, on the other hand, claims that it is a set of activities aime at obtaining and using information from customers , as well as developing a strategy that meets their nees and adapts to their expectations. The first historically define concept of this type was the sales orientation, fashionable since the 1930s. It was base on distribution channels, hence in the biographies of entrepreneurs from that period the theme of doorstep sales or problems with finding outlets for their product is common. Do you collect data about your customers? Check how to make the most of them.

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Enter your e-mail, we will contact you In the 1950s, it was replace by a marketing orientation – customer nees and target markets mattere. Establishe Latest Mailing Database in the 1990s, the market orientation perfectly responds to current challenges today. After all, data is suppose to be the most valuable currency in the 21st century. Big Data and AI are responsible for marketing innovations and trends. Could there be a better time to shape the business with the information obtaine from customers, which Ruekert talks about? What is market orientation.

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The hallmark of this marketing strategy is the focus on many different focus points of organizational attention at once, instead of just one (distribution, target markets) as before. The range of measures to achieve these goals is much broader. The degree BTC Database US of employee involvement in the company’s goals is also completely different. It is no coincidence that it was in the 1990s that concepts such as employer branding or internal communication began to be discusse on a wider scale . The approach of team members is crucial for market orientation. Avlonitis and Gounaris state that market orientation is a synergy of both attitudes and behaviors of team members. Employees must have an awareness of goals built in the long term.

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