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The catalog is going away in 2009 and we understand you you’ve fully configur you’ve manag to customize it to show exactly the data you ne and you fully understand how lazy its reporting is to start over right the problem is that google has announce that it will days stop processing hits and all previous data will be gone in months same year so there is no time to waste it’s time to implement google analytics. We know that configuring from scratch with a new interface and all the innovative features can be complex and evenĀ  iOS. We can help you our analytics experts will configure the platform for you so that you don’t lose any valuable data.

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What is google analytics is a new generation of tools with the Afghanistan Cell Phone Number List help of artificial intelligence capable of more precise analysis and action of page user behavior which will enable you to make better strategic decisions to fully utilize the potential of your projects. Google analytics main dashboard view one of the major innovations of the platform is the change in data model from session-bas to event-bas. This makes it possible to track more precise user journeys and improve attribution models. Also includes measurement-free methods and improve integration with other platforms and social networks. See information about it if you want to know more about it.

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Is it really that important to switch to it’s not BTC Database US only important, it’s essential. Here are a few reasons why you’ll want to set it up as soon as possible to avoid losing data once it stops working you’ll lose all the data you’ve accumulate up to that point. The sooner you configure it the sooner you’ll start processing new hits. Start taking advantage of its new features load with new features that will make your web analysis more complete and intuitive. Stop wasting time and start enjoying its incur able advantages I want you to help me configure my account news and advantages are about to become a real revolution a more complete and powerful tool to not only understand your audience but also their behavior and use your page to its full potential.