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Here are some tips to make it easier for hiring managers to spot soft skills in employees and new candidates. How to Assess a Candidate’s Soft Skills Let’s take a look at four strategies you can use to assess an interview candidate’s soft skills Asking Behavioral Questions Talent professionals according to Global Talent Trends use behavioral questions to candidate’s soft skills. Assess soft skills. Here are some examples of behavioral problems Tell me about a time when you were under a lot of stress at work. What caused this stress and how did you overcome it Give me an example of where you failed. How you dealt with failure Tell me about a time you had to work with someone who had a very different personality than you.

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Ask Contextual Questions Talent professionals based on Global Talent Trends also use contextual questions. Here are some examples of what you would do if you needed to convince someone to do things in a particular way. How would you explain to a client a challenge you were having? How would you manage your time to make sure you meet a difficult deadline? You can do this with candidates or current employees as with the question Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List Ask someone to first come up with a solution to a problem using hard skills. Next add constraints to the problem to see how well they adapt to change. Give an example telling the person you are evaluating that they have to come up wih a plan to deliver the project in days.

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Add more constraints when done. You can tell them they only have days now. How they would approach the problem differently Note the way they approach the problem and encourage them to discuss through assumptions and trade-offs and how they would bring in other perspective BTC Database US Prescreening Candidates Before Interviews Using Online Tools There are tools that systematically assess soft skills. This creates less bias than subjective methods of assessing these skills. These tests can give you a wealth of insights that can tell you more about someone’s strengths and weaknesses. How to Discover Soft Skills in Employees Beyond evaluating soft skills in job candidates.

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