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Search engine bots correctly interpret the semantics of images. Do a Test These two strategies for making your landing page responsive to Black Friday are essential for your campaign to perform like these. We all know you risk losing buyers if your website pages don’t load fast enough. So we recommend you start by watching Charge Spa, Browser Cache, Code Optimization and Image Optimization, Server Response Time. Helps you optimize the spe of your landing pages.

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Recommend Articles Website Sped ​​Optimization Spain Phone Numbers List Guide Searches on mobile devices have been steadily increasing for the past five years and Google announce in the past year that the transition of indexing websites from desktop to mobile versions will be over. How does all this affect your website then from this date onwards Google will treat your website as a smartphone user. If smartphone users do not have the same options as users using the desktop version then this content will not be consider and therefore not index in the future. Having a mobile-friendly website is very important by now.

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As a recommend action in your Black Friday strategy BTC Database US we encourage you to focus on good mobile-friendly practices and consider making your site responsive to such devices. Use Google’s mobile optimization tool as a starting point. It will be of great help to you Google mobile optimization tools Check out the mobile optimization tools on our site Create a link campaign Link building Creating a link building campaign as part of your black Friday strategy will help your site gain domain authority and improve on the results pages ranking. Tool is great for finding niche sites as well as being able to get quality links to your site.

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