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Gravitational website to meet the needs of the target audience. Personalized content In recent years the web has become more than just a place where our customers can find information. Brands are now obliged to create content that builds user loyalty and provides them with a better experience. In fact due to the development of technology some tools are being implemented in which companies can interact with customers and fulfill their needs. On the other hand there is a need to be able to provide more specific and personalized content which is good for all brands especially in eCommerce as it allows you to display products or services based on the history of each user.

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Artificial intelligence is a technology that has achieved a lot Country Email List of success in companies because it provides you with vital data to attract more consumers. Using each customer’s historical information and displaying information according to their preferences helps improve their browsing experience which translates into increased sales and better conversion rates. Chatbots By 2020 digital platforms will focus on better user experience and this can be achieved through chatbots. This tool is used to allow customers to resolve their doubts, complaints and suggestions more quickly and efficiently. Many companies are humanizing their brands.

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Using these chatbots also helps to understand each BTC Database US customer’s concerns and develop. A better loyalty strategy based on each customer’s preferences. Video Marketing Video is a widely used format in digital marketing campaigns and is expected. To become the most used content by 2020. In fact, according to a study of marketing professionals who believe online video helps achieve their goals. Those who believe video marketing is the tool that helps them achieve the greatest conversions. In addition, a survey conducted provided us with results such as this video helping companies identify their brand.