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The country gives users the option to pick up their packages in lockers in various public places spread across different locations without having to go to the office located in Mexico. specific. With this hopefully users will find online shopping easier and more accessible so if you are an away person you can be sure that you will receive your package safely at a location close to where you are Expected to be when notification of arrival arrives You will then be able to reach your locker and pick up your package in seconds as the process is quick and easy. After selecting the Pick Up at Smart Locker option, the company will notify you when it is available at the location closest to you.

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The moment we arrive at the location, we will be Venezuela Mobile Number List presented with. A screen where we must enter the security code sent to you via text message. Your name and receipt signature. Immediately after completing this procedure, one of the doors will automatically open and you will be able to collect your package. . This is a proposal focused on automating the parcel shipping and delivery process because in a common office we take longer to execute the process. Option That’s what other online stores like Amazon have already rolled out. Premium users can enjoy the smart locker service in some parts of the country.

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In the case of Mexico they have a similar version BTC Database US where users can pick up packages. At the store Walmart on the other hand gives you the option to buy online and pick up at. A physical store or other established locations. Based on this, it is suggested that in the future, we can also choose to send packages. Through similar methods to save us a lot of time. Although trials are scheduled to start next year, it claims to be confident of doubling its sales. If successful, could extend the experience to other parts of Latin America. As of now, according to its online page, it has more than 10 smart lockers in the world.