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We always go one step further, which is why we have prepare a very complete guide where we explain how to measure the loading of your website, the tools you ne to implement it correctly, how to configure cache compression and code execution plugins for these tasks and many more recommend articles. Website ​​Optimization Guide to Accelerating Mobile Pages Another revolution that Google announce in 2009 and brought prosperity to the world is the implement Pages. Its operation is bas on creating lighter pages that contain fewer resources. To this end tags are load asynchronously and the critical path is recalculate resulting in faster pages.

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In the community this technology is being increasingly Poland Mobile Number List implement although there are conflicting opinions regarding the possible advantages and disadvantages of its use. As an advantage of using we can list a very positive effect on website. It facilitates visibility in and mobile search. It helps monetize access and traffic captor to the network. By contrast we have the following disadvantages. High implementation costs can imply a high investment in resources and d  staff. CTR is much lower than the interesting ratio of good positioning. A high bounce rate hits many times from which we recommend you re.

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Take a look and consider whether its implementation is BTC Database US appropriate as every business is different. But the obvious is that using can help you develop a strategy. Mobile-optimize mobile-first indexing has likewise seen a sea change in search trends around the year. The month of that year when Google announce that it would factor in searches via mobile devices as a key positioning factor was born. Since then the search engine giant has focus on creating good practice recommendations and develop a specific bot for smartphones to crawl and review such content in order to rank sites in mobile search results.

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