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The search term for the sales page is easy to find, but adding it logically to the sales page is another matter. the sales page?  these questions: Who is your dream client? What kind of information is he looking for about the problem that your product or service solves? At what stage is he going along the purchase path (information search, comparison or purchase)? What words does he use to search for information? With this simple task, you will find 5 to 10 different words around which you can start optimizing your own sales page. purchase decision are activated with different words.

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 For example, if I’m looking for information about yoga, I use words and phrases like: how to start yoga is yoga good special data for back pain? can an overweight person start yoga If I compare different operators, I use: experiences of company / entrepreneur Y experiences of (hatha) yoga And if I’m shopping, I use: yoga studio (city) the best yoga studio yoga price (city) So it doesn’t really matter which words you use to optimize your sales page.  visitors doesn’t matter if no one buys. So get the right customers with shopping pants on your sales page and maximize the number of sales. The sales page must also be clear on a mobile device.

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So avoid unnecessary pictures, diagrams and complicated accordions. The simpler the page, the easier it is to read. 6. Write the sales page first before other marketing and sales materials Always write the sales page first before planning or writing other marketing and sales materials. When we consider the Marketing Rule of 7, it is absolutely important that the reader reads the same things both in the marketing and sales texts and on the sales page. , it is the last thing that is read before a purchase decision is made. Since the marketing material has covered the same issues as the sales page, the purchase decision seems like a BTC Database US logical next step. In this case, there is no need to use any clickbait advertising phrases on the sales page. In reality, when marketing has been done before the purchase decision for a long time, the actual sale has already been made.