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It can be possible that unnecessary measurement tools are installed on the server so the data is not sent to third parties and also allows us to track without it. Example and. This one deserves a separate post or more I don’t think I’m the right person best to leave this stuff to the techies the interesting thing about these tools is to use them we don’t need a consent banner we will abide by. As the biggest downside I see we lose important data such as relapse obviously but if we think about it I think it would be very interesting to use these measurement tools outside of google.

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Not everything is bad news or an inconvenience. In Brazil Mobile Number List we like to be positive and find the bright side. What would you think if I told you that the load speed of the web has improved since we implemented accept banners well it’s even obvious that if you don’t accept the code that loads will decrease this will affect the load speed. I’m not saying this I’m based on experiments done by experts in terms of technology implemented on web pages. For example Santiago Alonso’s investigation is to detect how much data we are losing in legitimate cases.

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In this study besides the data and evidence I relied BTC Database US on to write. This article it was shown that loading speed is a legitimate interest. One motivator these are the results of the load speed times performed by. The three main measurement tools so there is no doubt that load speed and laws come down. To it being about adapting rather than kicking. It’s like everything in life we ​​face what we have and we make do with what we have or we’ll be paralyzed and cry. Of course remember that customers deserve our patience and responsibility. So are users. Please do not forget to mention it to us by requesting your explicit consent.

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