These Companies Are Committed

To sustainable development and environmental protection. Characteristic terms for such companies are, for example, environmental protection, fleet, electrical, sustainability, energy efficiency, emissions, sustainable if you move this to all company websites, you will find all donation-friendly companies. The next time you want to generate or collect donations, you can use this address list as a template for your acquisitions, thereby targeting the companies most likely to donate. Not only will this improve sales efficiency for clubs and organizations, but it will also help you gain a better understanding of the market.

Rethinking new customer

Acquisition we use artificial intelligence to predict the SMS Gateway Chile likelihood of closing a lead. Based on your data, we determine a profile of your existing customers, compare them with our database and can predict which companies are your potential customers. Thanks to this, your sales department can focus on contacts with a particularly high probability of closing, increasing sales productivity. The greatest potential for success in customer acquisition lies in identifying new sales potential and deploying sales resources where they are most likely to close the deal. Our goal is to identify companies that need your product or service but aren’t already on the radar of your sales team.

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The Main ingredient is the website

The special potential for sales is that almost all companies BTC Database US now have a website that provides current and basic information about the company. In contrast, you don’t have to spend a lot of money collecting or purchasing customer information to start modeling. Therefore, the challenge of our approach is to extract or provide publicly accessible data from it for analysis and use it in a value-added way. Selling using web ratings here’s how it works! With web scoring, machine learning algorithms are used to analyze existing customers’ websites to identify the next best potential customers. Web score is basically a statistical twin based on searches on the web.

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