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Companies that agree if their claims are not true to their attitudes and values ​​in the field of sustainable development. We are not talking about petty scares but about sanctions that can put companies on the brink of the abyss. Shortly before the summer, fuel company Shell lost a lawsuit in the Netherlands that would force it to cut its carbon dioxide emissions significantly by 2020 or face human rights violations. This does not appear to be a little joke neither an allegation nor a claim to ironclad evidence. Greenwashing regulations This comes from a statement by Shell itself that it has made a public commitment to operate in a more respectful manner for the environment.

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Marketing departments and their agencies may have to be more careful Anhui Mobile Phone Number List about making claims in the future. This makes two points: for companies where anything is possible they have to better align their messaging and their real footprint in society and for brands that have been working for a long time to make the world a better place Well, one we receive would be great support and recognition for your work. How a Sustainable Store Becomes a Loyal Brand Committed to Sustainability It can be difficult for consumers or institutions to identify companies that are genuinely committed to achieving sustainability in their day-to-day operations.

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How to find people’s cell phone numbers

Companies and differentiate them from those that say nothing BTC Database US but good things. Our socially responsible brands will incorporate this into theirs and incorporate. It into a strategic plan not as another line but as a core pillar of growth for years to come. It is true that the movement would have been stronger if it had been born in Europe. Than in Asia or America. Where the principles of companies in Asia or America were more about thinking than doing. In the old continent boards and senior management they came to understand. That it was to save the world and what was left was It doesn’t make much sense anymore. National or European regulators will continue to monitor brands.

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