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Metrics are the same as Metrics but appli to levels. Backlinks are the total number of links pointing to this search result from other websites. Domains It is the total number of unique domains linking to the analyz website. Traffic displays monthly estimates of organic traffic to your website. Keywords shows the total number of keywords in the top organic results. Popular keywords are those that drive the most organic traffic to this search result. Monthly search volume for popular keywords. If we continue with the analysis we can research the keywords our competitors are targeting. To do this in this panel we click Close.

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The keywords will be display in the following interface: Hotel SEO using Iceland Mobile Number List the View Organic Keywords feature as we can see in the picture For competitors we can extract the top performers in terms of traffic metrics search volume and position in and positioning difficulty The best keywords are found through keyword difficulty indicators and keywords. If we export the list to a file we can start gathering ideas for our subsequent keyword research. Similar to the way we extract competitor keywords, we can also study the profile of each competitor’s external links and backlinks.

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For this we have to click on Backlinks. In the interface BTC Database US we saw in the previous step, the following window will be display : Hotel SEO with the Links feature view. Researching our competitors’ link profiles can give us information about them: Excellent data on what strategy is being execut. Do our contests link to other sites with similar topics or niches? Do they have affiliate links with bloggers? What kind of anchor text do your backlinks have? Do they contain target keywords? We’ll answer these questions later on. You’ll see some guidelines for developing an off-site strategy for hotels.