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The image may be pixelat or freeze, or the live broadcast may directly end before you finish. Make sure you are in a location that has a good internet connection. A microphone Sound is quite important, so I recommend hav a microphone handy to use it. It is not necessary to invest in a microphone, especially if you are go to do live shows occasionally, with a microphone like the one incorporat into the mobile headphones itself is enough. good light The image is also quite important, so look for a source of light, either natural.

By stand in front of a window

Or artificial, such as a r light, to prevent Sweden Phone Number List the dark image from be seen. a good tripod If you are go to be talk for a long time, you ne a place to leave your device. For this, the ideal is to have a tripod, but you can also create one yourself with ths you have at home. The important th is that the image does not shake, as it would if you were hold it. Have a script of what you are go to say You are go to be live, so you must know in advance what you are go to say because you cannot remain silent wait for ideas to come to you to continue speak.

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Write beforehand an outline

You are go to deal with and also define when you will look at the questions from the attendees to answer them. This way you will avoid go blank or cutt the direct after a few minutes for not know what else to say. Advertise for several days of your direct If you want people to come to your live, it’s not worth say it once and a few minutes before start to do it (unless you want to do an express live show or you’re someone super famous). My recommendation is that it several BTC Database US times per story. there is always someone who doesn’t know (and will let you know once it’s finish). Tutorial to do live on Instagram How to do a live on Instagram? If you want to do a live on Instagram, it’s very simple.