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Postings for writing off rental amounts to expenses and accounting for vat amounts for payment amounts excluding vat. If the lessee fulfills the obligation to pay vat as a tax agent, the vat entry list above will not be generat vat is already includ in the payment. The program writes off only the principal cost excluding vat. There is also some specificity in determining the account type for write-off charges. If the flag is set as part of the repayment properties block in the form of payment parameters, see figure, then the individual account for the first posting of the debit will be determin by the account type.

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Charge to expense accounts after the balance Dominican Republic Email List sheet date. Situation in practice rent is usually prepaid. In this case, the rent amount transferr by the lessee exists in the current reporting period but is relat to the future reporting period and is therefore consider in the accounting account of future periods. This is track in the system by comparing the reporting period month and year payment date and payment date. The payment date is the date of the payment proc ure for the payment sch ule stage. The payment date is the characteristic sch ul payment date for the sch ule stage.

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The payment date then the payment result in this case will BTC Database US be payment amount. Vat inclusive for the transaction vat amount for payment amount exclusive. The fact that the amount is attribut to deferr charges when repaying is determin by the system in the same way as for payments by comparing the payment date with the payment date. Therefore in the context of the corresponding phase the repayment program generates the following posting block for the payment amount vat excl. Vat amount. Please note that it is possible to pay for one phase of the sch ule or for multiple phases at the same time.