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For example, it could provide higher-paying job security and better benefits such as more paid time off and other company perks. You might think these are worth the extra challenge of managing a team. You should careful not to hold yourself back because of a limiting belief fear of failure or fear of success. These psychological phenomena may be working against your best interests if you allow them to develop. If you need extra support a career coach or mental health professional can help you work through these insecurities. But at the end of the day more money might not be worth the pressure to climb up. I don’t want to be a manager. What to do Just because you don’t want to be a manager doesn’t necessarily mean you’re saying I don’t want to advance in my career.

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You can grow in many other ways than climbing the corporate ladder. Once you understand what is lacking in your current position you can try to fill those gaps through other career development opportunities France Mobile Number List Here are some alternative career moves for you to consider. Becoming an expert management role comes with a certain status within an organization. If that sounds appealing, you can achieve similar results by being the go-to person for your specialized technical skills. Computer programmers who can collect and interpret large amounts of data will be indispensable to non-tech-savvy organizations. Business people do research what to do if you don’t want to be a manager consider consulting.

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You can choose to be your own boss without the traditional people management responsibilities. Consulting contracting and freelancing give you control over your own work without the supervision of employees or those in senior leadership positions. This works especially well for jobs that don’t require a lot of teamwork, like copywriting or graphic design BTC Database US Start your job search with a lateral move to a more prestigious or larger organization looking good on your resume rather than a promotion. They may have more opportunities for advancement without leading the team. As you learn this new company culture you may think that this is where you will feel comfortable as a manager in the future. What does a businessman looking for a job do if he doesn’t want to be a manager.