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You’re wondering where it’s shown but why did google develop this type of ad? Well the way to detect user interaction online is different than before. Users are now finding information in different ways—behavior is evolving. As you can guess this is due to the massive consumption of social networks and how we integrate them into our lives. Knowing this, it’s easy to think that one of the great things about discovery campaigns is that they display dynamic and personalized content for each user offering them product or service suggestions just like advertising has always done.

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Another advantage beyond that is that these ads Cayman Islands Mobile Number List will reach the right people not only when they are actively looking for something specific, but also when they are open to discovering something new. Of course they are no longer just ads they are personalized and engaging advertising experiences. Through this active time we can reach new customers or recapture them in the case of remarketing to make a sale or capture a lead. But we can also use them for branding and awareness. Discovery ads are displayed with image captions and text. But the biggest advantage is that you will no longer need your belongings.

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Only when the brand has a video can it be advertised BTC Database US on this platform. There are two types of discovery ads on discovery ads. Ads with and at most images. Discovering ads about segmentation the way to segment in ads is remarketing audiences. Custom audiences that we create ourselves we can tell google what the profile of our potential customers is by segmenting them with interest-purchase-intent keywords to influence our target audience. In-market audience and important events. Demographic group gender age parenting status and household income. Audiences with specific detailed groups.

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