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Censorship still exists and is in the news these days. We asked ourselves if this dictates the type of design we want to do if they review our work is it right or wrong for us to do so and the catalog hides recent examples of review. When censorship is art when it is offending art other examples of censorship the latest example of censorship. The poster for latest movie came out and he uncensored his image on twitter. Because the nipples come out. I put you in a position to review Javier Hahn a graphic designer and.

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The illustrator has a long and award-winning career. He Netherlands Phone Numbers List has worked for institutions such as the new York times, the new Yorker, the Washington post, time magazine, Harvard university and national geographic. His style is purely visual, allowing you to understand information at a glance. Metaphors speak for themselves. This is what makes their communication immediate and real. Well, it turns out that almodovar, the great genius of the Spanish film industry, invited him to design a poster for his next film “Parallel mothers”. Its style does a good job of capturing the essence of the director’s red and those in the filmmaker’s other posters.

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The letters, which are also prominent, are a clear BTC Database US allegory of motherhood and its rigors and pains. The poster has been labeled controversial within minutes of appearing on social networks. Because because it has nipples. What happens well they censored it and deleted the post. It specifies in its usage policy that images of nipples cannot be shared unless it is pregnant or breastfeeding. As Javier Hahn explains here it was not taken into account and so the defense of the work began. Javier shared again to delete it. Designers insist on defending their posters to more and more people.

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