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Up to 100% of respondents said they had endured an uphill battle with mental health in the past three months to avoid taking time off work. So what is the real cost of this mental health stigma? Well, some researchers estimate trillions of dollars are lost annually, largely due to lost productivity and poor mental health. When employees are stressed out and insecure about seeking the support they need it leads to burnout, high turnover and poorer outcomes on the jobs they get done. Despite growing awareness of mental health issues and the negative effects of ignoring them, the stigma of mental illness continues to shape our world. How mental health stigma.

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Mental health stigma can lead people to avoid receiving support for their mental health issues. This may come from a fear of discrimination or prejudice Country email list This has many negative effects on the individual including a reluctance to seek treatment for fear of stigma which can lead to delayed treatment of the problem which in turn can exacerbate the condition. Social isolation Often people with mental health problems avoid interacting with others for fear of rejection. Loneliness and isolation can worsen symptoms over time. Violence and Hate People who actively manage their mental health, especially those with more severe psychological distress, are more likely than others to be victims of violence. Women of Color When Coexisting Mental Health Diagnosis.

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Populations are particularly vulnerable to being victims of violent or hate crimes. Shame This is a common consequence of mental health problems BTC Database US Shame based on stigma perpetuates social isolation and can lead to low self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth. Unemployment and discrimination at work Some companies may not want to hire someone who appears to be struggling. Discrimination at work can also result if co-workers make jokes or make unhelpful or hurtful comments. Substance use disorder Mental health stigma is closely related to stigma against people with substance use disorders. The combination of the two can be dangerous and the stigma makes it harder for these people to seek help. Ways to deal with stigma.