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After downloading and activating if we enter the classic itor a new feature will be activat as shown below Plugin structur content Note that this plugin complies with the official guidelines and works well with the block itor. In the current version it provides up to five structur data elements FAQ Page Jobs Events Courses People For our case we will select options. Once done a window will open where we will configure the options to implement the FAQ Snippets Featur Snippets FAQ decides if only the code should be display in the source code or if the content should be pre-formatt and visible.

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Check or uncheck the Render box to do this. Whichever you choose Estonia Mobile Number List will be the title of each FAQ. You can choose between Insert Question, Insert Answer, Add a new FAQ and repeat the process. Click OK when done. After updating or publishing an article, it is convenient to go to Google Structur Data Tester for verification. Ready to create fragments is very simple As we have seen we can do it in a number of ways depending on our interests. Conclusion pages and snippets are consider as another factor on the page to consider for positioning. Its use increases search result visibility and organic click-through rates in addition to.

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Users provide rich answers that add more value to their search BTC Database US intent. We recommend that you implement them as much as possible because it will definitely help you to expand your project or your client’s project in search engines. Now it’s your turn. You can try to implement whatever we explain to you on your website and tell us how it goes. Leave us a comment. Until Next Time How the Indexing Process Works in Rocio Lucro Rocio Luke Year-Month-Day Search Engine Optimization Tutorials SEO Indexing When talking about indexing in positioning we mean will be includ in the search engine index.