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What it is and how it can be us in the recruitment process big data and smart data is what everyone is talking about. But do you also know how to use massive amounts of data to your advantage in recruiting because the use of smart data can revolutionize recruiting like electricity revolutionize the internet. To do this, today’s recruiters must be able to understand data and make it work for them. A recruiting team that knows how to best combine modern technology with its extensive recruiting know will prove itself in the face of stiff competition.

Using a concrete example

We explain how to use smart data to optimize job postings Country Email List What is smart data smart data is smart data that uses algorithms to extract from large amounts of data (big data) according to a specific structure and contains usable knowlge. For example, these data volumes can be all data available to the company or data from all publicly accessible sources. Imagine you are in a library with no structure. Everything is in a mess, and books are pill all over the floor. If you do not bring order to this chaos in any way, you are completely helpless. In this form, literature is of no use to you because you will never find what you are looking for, or it will take a lot of effort to find it.

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You may know you have

A particular book, but you don’t know exactly what’s behind it BTC Database US where to start after reading it. This is how you imagine big data. The only difference is that instead of a small dot of know  between two spines, this is a vast amount of freely available but utterly disorganize data. In a database, on the internet, on your company’s server, etc. In this form, the data is useless to you. You can only benefit from the volume of data when big data becomes smart data.