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Don’t miss out and register for free Access to Content Manager and Hosting Control Panel Access to Content Manager and programming is a must in order to perform optimization tasks. If the site is built under a content management system ie work environment or content manager like or etc. we will  to use a username and password to access and optimize the web from there. If develop by own programmers it is necessary to access the control panel of the host hosting the domain. Having some files such as rules and configuration parameters for the server and direction from there is very important though if you don’t have one.

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It is not recommend to touch it with programming know. It is possible Iceland Mobile Number List that you will ne to configure. Another aspect to consider is the use of file transfer protocol services to perform operations such. As uploading or uploading files to the root folder of the website hosting domain or making a safe copy backup. These types of operations can be addressee by specific plugins provide by different repositories. Information about the company and market niche: At this point in the briefing we will gather all the basic information about the company from the client, brand area, contact person, email address, phone, your profile on social networks, if available.

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A general description of the company The field of activity BTC Database US and its development in recent years. Through a detail description of the company we will be able to understand the activities it is engag in. The market niche in which it operates, whether new lines and or business areas have been open . The services or products they provide. This information is very useful for our work because it allows us to get an overview. Of the most relevant types of content on your page and get ideas for writing meta tags from there. As an example let’s say we have a client who manufactures and sells custom furniture with free shipping. We can do that on your page.

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